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Shocker Pools

Pool Closing Special!

All Closings Include

  • Removal And Storage of Handrails & Ladders
  • Water Level Adjusted To Winter Standards
  • Quality Chemicals To Fight Algae Growth
  • Blow Out All Lines With High Pressure Air
  • Install Winter Cover Properly and Securely
  • Winterize Pump, Filter & Heater
  • Install All Winter Equipment For Closing

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choose our professional team of pool technicians to close your swimming pool this season in order to 

reduce winter time risks & lower start up costs next season!

Close Your Pool The Right Way This Year,

And Open Your Pool Crystal Clear!

Our Proven Process That Helps Us Open & Close Hundreds of Pools With Perfection, Take a Look!
A Proper Pool Closing, Looks Like This!

We Install Safety Covers Too, Order Yours Today!

Swimming Pool Closing & Safety Cover Information

In order to ensure that your swimming pool is taken care of in the proper manner, we train all of our technicians for thorough pool closing procedures. From clearing the water out of all underground lines to properly installing covers and more! Your swimming pool closing is an important process that you want to be cognitive of over the years. If you're pool company is cutting corners, this can lead to serious issues including cracked pipes, increased winter time risks, filter issues and things alike. Call us today to ensure that your pool is being properly closed or schedule your next pool closing with out team of qualified veterans! We look forward to servicing you during the 2020 closing season!

Over the years we have installed hundreds of safety covers, allowing us to become one of the top providers in Wichita and sorrounding areas! We provide a variety of safety cover options to every home owner, which vary upon the particular environmental conditions that may be surrounding your swimming pool area. In order to optimize your winter season we believe that one of the greatest investments that further the lifespan of your swimming pool is a safety cover. Not only does a safety cover ensure that your pool has minimal winter time risks below the surface, it also ensures proper surface safety while your pool is not in use! Contact us today to learn about how you can get a safety cover for your swimming pool this season!

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